Dec 6, 2012

Argus – "Blood Fire Beer" EP ...

The Argus EP 'Blood, Fire, Beer is sold out or so I have been told so that makes this review a little painful to write. It was limited to just 100 copies which makes me think these tracks may appear somewhere else in the future, I hope so because this is a way above-average EP that needs to be heard. The EP could be seen as a teaser for the 3rd Argus LP, 'Beyond the Martyrs' but seeing as it is sold out, it is not really teasing anyone much. I have nothing against limited editions but when they are limited to this degree, it is frustrating if you are a fan but I will move on....this EP is great. The first thing that will grab your attention is the covers that are featured. Pink Floyd's 'On the Turning Away,' 'Thin Lizzy's 'Johnny' both get the Argus treatment and they are both great versions. With the Floyd cover, they crank up the heavy and make the song into a surprisingly, monolithic beast which I didn't think was possible with this particular Floyd track.

The Thin Lizzy cover is equally as impressive. Of course 'Johnny' is one of those timeless Lizzy tracks that doesn't deserve to be messed with and thankfully Argus give it the quality treatment it deserves. The Floyd cover is a bit of a musical adventure for the band but they still nail it but the band seem right at home covering Thin Lizzy. Along with the 2 covers, you also get three live tracks - 'Pieces of Our Smile,' 'From Darkness...Light' and 'Devils Devils.' Argus are a killer live act so there is very little danger of the band recording inferior versions of these songs and indeed, they do not disappoint. However as good as all those tracks are, they are overshadowed by one of the very best Argus tracks ever titled 'The Hands of Time Are Bleeding.' This tune with the trademark Argus twin guitars weaving their magic is a pure monster cut with classic riffing, stunning unforgettable melody and fantastic lead work. The EP is worth getting anyway you can just for this track alone. This track is breath-taking in every detail.

Not many bands marry proto-doom, traditional heavy metal and classic melodic 70's rock as well as Argus do and this EP is a gem. It has already reached collectors status and it is certainly an EP worth getting hold of, even if you have to illegally download it and that is something I don't say often but it will be worth it to hear this little EP. 'Blood, Fire, Beer' might be sold out but these tracks need to be re-released, they just have to be, they are that good....9.5/10.

Words: Doomm@niac

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