If you wish to have a review or interview for your band or maybe you know a band that you feel you needs more support, I want to hear from you. Feel free to email me with a request. Any band requesting a review must follow the guidelines below. Its nothing too drastic but its better for me and for your band if you supply one of the following. 1. A professional recorded CD complete with artwork and bio. 2. A demo CD complete with bio, artwork or at the very least a link to obtain artwork or a band promo photo. 3. Mp3's are also allowed provided they at least 192kb bit rate or higher. They must also come with artwork, bio and full track-listing. 4. A live recording in good quality complete with artwork, track-listing and venue information. NOTE: Bands can always email me their bio information. I will not review anything using the Myspace or any other website player. The quality is usually never good enough. Rehearsal recordings will also not be reviewed. For reviews using a digital download method I recommend the Free Lossless Audio Codec, also known as FLAC. CD'S and CDR'S ALWAYS GET PRIORITY OVER ANY OTHER FORMAT.

Please Note: Doommantia never promises a review, some writers will NOT review an album if they don't like it - You have been warned. We also try to answer every email we get but it is IMPOSSIBLE to get to all of them but EVERY email does get read and all bands are put into a queue for an review in the order they are received so you have to used some patience.

We do NOT guarantee reviews for downloads
BUT sent CD's are given priority.
If you are concerned, tell us in a email. IMPORTANT AVOID MEDIAFIRE, RAPIDSHARE, MEGAUPLOAD and similar sites if possible, use MAIL BIG FILE, SENDSPACE ETC INSTEAD if you send us a download link.

Contact Information for reviews, interviews or promotion -

Tony "Dr Doom" Cooper
Email - contact@doommantia.com
Mailing Addresses For Review Submissions
P.O Box 187,


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