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All That Is Heavy

Metal Band Tshirts

Doom In Aeternum

The Wormwood Chronicles

Thee Big Black Forum

Earthdog Promotions

Doom Metal Alliance

The Robust Fellow


Sounds Of Sagittarius

Heavy Metal Music Database


Droning Earth

Return To Zero

Heavy Planet


Hellride Music


The Obelisk

Cosmic Lava

Mazzie Music Magorium

The Trashman Disposable Reader

Vintage Fuzz

Crestfallen Radio Blogspot

Stoner Rock Is Here To Stay

Slayage Of Thoughts

Wo Fat Lore

Defenders Of The Hate

Dr.Dooms Lair

Dead Void Dreams

My Indie Music Blog

We Wither Blogspot

Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Stop The Weakness

Stoner Rock Compilations

Sixteen Tonnes

Love Train For The Tenebrous Empire

Into The Occult

Epic Doom Dominion

Brutal Blog

Temple of Perdition

At A Loss Recordings

  • Black Eye Media

  • Black Widow Records

  • Bloodrock Records

  • Buzzville Records

  • Catacombs Records

  • Chrome Peeler Records

  • Church Within Records

  • Conspiracy Records

  • ConStoring Sounds

  • Daymare Recordings

  • Diwphalanx Records

  • Doomanoid Records

  • Doom Mantra Records

  • Duna Records

  • Earache Records

  • Electric Earth Records

  • Elektrohasch Records

  • Future Noise Records

  • Fuzzorama Records

  • Holy Mountain Records

  • Hydrahead Records

  • Hypnotic Dirge Records

  • Inoxia Records

  • Ipecac Records

  • Kemado Records

  • Labyrinth Of Thoughts Records

  • Leaf Lust Records

  • Meteor City Records

  • Molten Universe Records

  • Orchestrated Misery

  • Paragon Records

  • Prosthetic Records

  • Ravens Eye Records

  • Razorback Records

  • Relapse Records

  • Rise Above Records

  • ShirtKiller

  • Small Stone Records

  • Solitude Productions

  • Southern Lord Records

  • Supernaturalcat Records

  • Tee Pee Records

  • Translation Loss Records

  • War Command

  • The New Noise

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