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Nov 15, 2010

Acid Witch - Stoned

Acid Witch are back with their follow-up full length album to 2008's "Witchtanic Hellucinations" album titled "Stoned." In 2008, Acid Witch blew some new life into the scene with their very tongue firmly in the cheek tales of Halloween and Witches. The sound was fresh, incredibly heavy and creepy but most important to most listeners, it was an infectious blend of Doom, Death, Psychedelia and cheesy Horror movie soundtracks. Proving that they were more than just a simple novelty act, they released two EP's, "Witch House and Midnight Mass," both of which continued in the same style but most people Acid Witch were expecting them to progress somewhat with their next full-length album. After all, those other Horror-Metal fiends Hooded Menace showed their were more than just a one-trick-pony with their second album titled "Never Cross The Dead" that show some progression in both songwriting and performance so Acid Witch were expected to follow a similar path. Sadly this album doesn't do that at all as it is the same sound, same style and in many ways it just recycles the "Witchtanic Hellucinations" album.

The packaging is great as is expected with a Acid Witch release, the album art is awesome and the vinyl version comes in a lovely swirled Orange and Black slab of wax with an 18" X 24" full-color poster of the cover art and an old school Acid Witch Halloween die-cut decoration piece. "Witchtanic Hellucinations" was a very popular album that got that way mainly from major leakage all over the Internet so I hope this new album doesn't suffer the same fate. So what can you say about "Stoned," well there is no doubting it is Acid Witch. As soon as you press play, you are know what you are in for but like I previously stated, it is maybe just too predictable even for a Acid Witch album but hey, this is still a hellish example of deathly, horror, death-doom that very few bands can match. Predictable or not, this band is one of the most seriously crushing acts the world of death and doom-metal has ever heard and "Stoned" will be hugely popular among riff-freaks everywhere.

One look at the song-titles suggest a shift away from singing about witches and bubbling cauldrons. The opening intro piece "Satanic Faith" begins with another one of the bands trademarks, the creaky old organ and on this occasion it plays something similar to many horror-themes with a voice-over about Satanists. This is quickly over and out and we are into "Witchfynder Finder" and it takes off with a insanely catchy riff and soaring lead-work. It is a bit more up-tempo than the usual Acid Witch dirges of the past and the lyrics of course mention "Hopkins," the witch-finder general himself. The guitar sound is as brutally fuzzy as ever with the gurgling vocals are at its most menacing. This album has a production improvement over Witchtanic Hellucinations with the guitar being more finely balanced in the mix, there is not as many over-powering leads flattening out the rest of the sound.

 "Trick or Treat" is a horror-fueled, melodic track with the rusty ancient organ sounding like it is about to self-destruct in the beginning of the track. The bone-charring riffing is thicker than molasses but again is the infectious nature of this tune that ultimately wins you over. On this song, their love for "Halloween" is clearly the focus with lyrics like "Die cut witches, ghouls and skulls, A graveyard on my lawn, My house is dressed up for Halloween, The most elaborate on my street." As you can tell, they haven't reduced the cheese factor in any way but like said during my review for the previous full-length opus, that is the whole point. Acid Witch are saying f**k you to all these overly serious metal-types that somehow think they are all so Satanic, Acid Witch are taking the piss and having a lot of fun doing it, if you can't see the humor, see a doctor, you need help. "Thundering Hooves" is another heavy-ass song with more spoken-word samples, this time about naked bodies and witchcraft. It is a mid-tempo chuganaut that is irresistible in its head-banging value and the tune bubbles along with an infectious rhythm and groove.
"Live Forever" has the charming lyrics, "Whore nun, C**t of Christ, Give us your soul, Invert the cross you hold" and of course they have to insert the line, "Inhale the smoke of this burning herb." obviously, they can't be serious with their ramblings of evil but one thing they are deadly serious about is drugs, drugs and more drugs. "Live Forever" is another groove-based psychedelic doom track with more of that geriatric organ that actually does a solo in this tune but it is still about the majestic crushing riffing that is beyond infectious. You can't mistake the lead-work either, it is oh-so typical Acid Witch and there is times where I feel  he is playing the same lead-runs from the first album but it doesn't really matter, this tune kicks ass anyway. "Whispers in the Dark" is the shortest track on "Stoned" after the opening intro cut, lyrics consist of "Lock the doors, I'm Coming, Listen, Shhhhh." The cinematic horror-vibe is omnipresent throughout the album but especially on this 3 minute spook-fest.

"If Hell Exists" is also a chilling piece of death-doom, the atmospheric opening build up sets the mood before it takes off into an early 80's N.W.O.B.H.M kind of melodic metal. In this song, they proudly sing "my sanity is metal" and you better believe it too. This track gets my vote for the worst track overall on the album though, something about it doesn't gel despite some nice guitar melodies. "Stoned to the Grave" is the most adventurous track, especially in the lyrical department that seem to sum up everything that Acid Witch stands for. This would make the perfect opening song for a live-show with its anthemic vibe and musically it has every element that the band is renown for. Crushing riffs, soaring leads, infectious melodies and the growling vocals that somehow managed to be strangely catchy and melodic. This track also features the most memorable lead-break on the album proving once again that as musicians, this 2 piece is highly underrated.
The song with the best title has to go to the next track, "Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown" and it has the classic lyric, "Seen these movies so many times, Turn off the volume cause I know all the lines, So fucking high, just let the stereo play, But only if its Lizzy Borden or Fastway." Yes, these dudes love their 80's metal and this track is a doozy. Not only does it rock but if this doesn't put a grin on your face, you need to lighten-up dude, seriously!! The last track on the album and one of the longest tunes is "Sabbath of the Undead" that brings nothing new to their cauldron of death-doom but it is a satisfying chugging tune with great melodic breaks and more of those trademark memorable vocal lines. Without a doubt Acid Witch have made a niche for themselves, no one sounds quite like them and I guess how much you like this album depends on whether you have heard them before. I say that because it is more of the same for Acid Witch so it is predictable but "Stoned" does have one thing slightly different going for it and that is it is more up-tempo overall than "Witchtanic Hellucinations" and maybe even more comical. The serious doom-head might not see the funny side to the madness this band projects but I find it to be nothing but "pure fun" with enough killer riffs to go nuts over anytime of the day. It is infectious, catchy metal but played with the heaviest of crunchy guitar sounds and some of the most ghastly vocals ever recorded. They are unique and if there is anything such as "party-doom" then Acid Witch are indeed the kings of the genre......................8.5/10

Acid Witch @ MySpace
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Oct 27, 2010

Acid Witch - Midnight Mass 7"

Beware....Lovers of the loathsome those ghouls of horror and doom Acid Witch have a new 7" out titled "Midnight Mass". Seeing as the classic debut "Witchtanic Hellucinations" came out just before Halloween in 2008 and there has only been one EP since called "Witch House" so Acid Witch have been pretty slow at delivering more tales of horror. Earlier this year it was announced a new full length album titled "Stoned" will manifest itself this year but it looks like they have missed the Halloween deadline this time around. Acid Witch have received some positive reviews in the past and some absolute shockers but my favorite quote from a review read "The general idea of the band is to bring back simplistic death/doom with classic doom touches. They also attempt to resurrect the horror/occult based themes of bands past, which in their case takes the form of cartoon witches, goofy humour and the kind of B-movie aesthetic one should expect from a band affiliated with the goof-balls at Razorback Records" and the review was titled " a piss-poor attempt at classic doom". My reason bringing up this negativity from the past is just to highlight how people more often than not miss the point of Acid Witch and must have a weak sense of humor or maybe they just don't like cheesy horror movies. Acid Witch are like a cheesy horror movie set to doom metal music and they have perfected the art. Creepy and downright old-school head banging fun, Acid Witch bring some fun back to the Doom Metal genre which is mostly full of musicians that take themselves very seriously indeed but they are not just a novelty act, Acid Witch is made of some very good musicians that are out to entertain and crush audiences with sheer heaviness and groove.
So they might have missed out on a full length for Halloween this year but they have this 7" instead and thankfully these two songs will not appear on the upcoming album so this is an essential purchase. Adding to the incentive value is the packaging which comes in two different versions (pictured here). The Putrid Edition is in yellow, red and black while the Geyer Edition is in purple, orange and black. For true collectors they have a reduced price offer if you buy both editions and you can find all the details at the Hells Headbangers Shop. The first track "Midnight Mass" begins after a suitably ghoulish intro and this is classic Acid Witch with heavy down tuned death doom riffs, hellish guttural growls and a psychedelic organ adding to the twisted horror doom vibe. Turn it over for "To Magic, Sex and Gore" and it is more cinematic but equally as deadly with vintage sounding riffs but played with the lethal crushing intensity of death doom. Acid Witch will appeal to fans of Hooded Menace, Autopsy, Coffins, Winter and Witchfinder General but even fans of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath will find their 70's elements stimulating. I will leave you with some Acid Witch lyrics which still crack me up every time I hear them - "Covered in boils and sores, Crusted over popped pimples, Discharging pus, With warts for nipples".....Gotta love Acid Witch.....9/10
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Jan 3, 2010

Acid Witch - Witch House

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This is a overdue review of the limited run 7" EP featuring two tracks recorded in 2009. If you enjoyed their first album Witchtanic Hellucinations, then there is no reason you wont like this short but still just as fun 7" EP. The debut album got some mixed reviews and while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, some people missed the point completely. One reviewer used terms like "piss-poor musicians" and "childish tomfoolery" when describing the debut album. I wont even mention that dude's name because frankly i wouldn't want to give him any more publicity not i think anyone took him too seriously anyway. This EP gives you only 8 minutes and 2 songs but it is more of the same sludgy-doom riffing and cheesy but fun packed old school doom metal. "Witch House" itself is a haunting sludge track which uses keyboards to create an old school horror soundtrack vibe. It could have easily fitted on the debut as it uses the similar cheap but tasty old school horror shtick to full effect. "Worship the Worm" is the pick of the two tracks with some truly crusty sludge moments and the wailing melodies that end the track stick in your head long after giving it a spin. The mix is somewhat raw but that suits the vibe the 2 tracks give off and of course you get the usual great Razorback artwork. Some people complained about the computerized sound that some of these project bands give off and its fair to say, this EP has a bit of that feeling in there but Acid Witch are one of the few bands that can get away with it and still sound fairly much like a "real band". Acid Witch are one of Razorback's quality acts and it seems likely Acid Witch will grow into one of the hidden treasures of the US doom scene. There might be another EP coming soon, and hopefully this year a new full length album will emerge. For now this is something to keep you going if you can find a copy somewhere. 9/10

Acid Witch @ MySpace

Apr 14, 2009

Interview With Slasher Dave From Acid Witch

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"Acid Witch" released one of the albums of the year in 2008 full of classic tales of Horror and Doom.The music is a mixture of Doom,N.W.O.B.H.M and Horror soundtrack music,the perfect thing for Halloween time which is when the CD was first released.The album is hugely popular in the underground,everyone i have spoken to loves the album.It is unfortunate that is so widely available for free download,otherwise the album would have got some real healthy sales.To sum up,this is essential listening to anyone who loves old school doom and N.W.O.B.H.M or anyone wants to hear something unique in the world of Doom rock.This interview with Slasher Dave we touch on the making of the album and also the band "Horrific" who have released a album that is another classic in the making.This dude is on a roll,enjoy these tales of Witchtanic Doom.

1.I will get started by saying thanks for doing this interview.How have things been going,sounds like you have been pretty busy ?

Things have been going great man! Yeah, been busy with my new band HORRIFIC, "Your Worst Nightmare" just came out, I'm pretty excited about that. And Im always writing shit for Acid Witch, that keeps me pretty busy.

2.When did the idea for Acid Witch first come up ?I'm not quite sure when I had the idea, Ive always loved Halloween and the fall season ever since I was a kid. I guess I just wanted to do a trippy band that captures the essence of the season, and also shows my love for the 1970s Halloween sounds lps and 80s scary sounds cassettes. Acid Witch was just an instrumental project of mine, I sampled a bunch of laughing witches from an old 80s cassette tape I love, and wrote some trippy doom/70s rock rock to it. I guess that's how it got started, so the idea for it didn't really happen until after a song or two was written...

3.How long did the album take to put together from the time of writing the first track to the completion of the album ?

It took about 3-4 months I think. We were on a pretty tight dead-line to get it out by Halloween.

4.The sound the band has riff wise is closer to bands like Pagan Altar,Witchfinder General etc.How much of a influence are those bands ?

A LOT. haha! Thats exactly what we are going for! I wouldn't consider us the super slow kinda doom a lot of people would expect us to be, we go for a more hard rock/NWOBHM sound. The only thing that really puts us in the death/doom genre is the vocals, and maybe a couple riffs. I really don't think there is a genre that really describes us. We take a lot more influence from those bands than any death metal bands.

5.One of the stand out things on the album are the lead breaks.They really leap out of the speakers. Was there a lot of time spent on getting them right ?Fuck no! haha. I just played them LOUD and kept the volume insanely loud to. Usually when bands record solos, they are recorded very loud, then turned way down in the mixing process, FUCK THAT! The solos should be loud as fuck, just like they were in the early days of metal.

6.The artwork is spectacular not only on the album but also on the t-shirts.Who comes up with all the designs ?

Well, Shagrat totally came up with the album cover himself. We had a great idea that he was originally gonna paint, but that got fucked up somehow. He sent me a sketch of the cover that was used, and it totally blew me away! He painted it up and I think it came out A LOT better than our original idea would of. As far as shirts go, Ive come up with one of them, Putrids design. Nevs design was actually a little face in the concept sketches for our logo, I didn't want it in the logo but I liked it so much he inked it for me to make a shirt. Jeff Zornow actually dropped acid to draw the orange Halloween shirt, his weird fucked up head came up with that whole thing, haha! And the "Skull Crusher" was just fan art by RAFAŁ KRUSZYK I liked so much I asked if we could do a shirt of it.

7.Razorback Records is a great label to be on.How did that deal come about ?

Billy heard a track with Lasse doin vocals and said "LETS DO A CD MAN!". hahahaha! That's how it came about basically!

8.The album is very popular amongst people i know,has the band had many reviews and how have they been in general ?I hate 90% of the reviews for "Witchtanic". These metal magazines/webzines/websites just DO NOT get the band AT ALL. Its no surprise, they praise bands like SLIPKNOT (WHICH IS POP, NOT METAL) and call us cheesy, which I am VERY proud of, they just use the word "cheesy" like its some horrible thing to be. Yet they listen to Slayer and Venom (which are great bands), but are SUPER cheesy! If singing about a made up FICTIONAL character created to scare people into behaving a certain way such as SATAN inst cheesy than I dont know what is! Oh wait, I DO! Singing about witches that drug people is WAYYYYYY cheesier. Ive also seen us compared to Hooded Menace and them compared to us. Yes we do share the same vocalist but WTF?! That just shows you the mentality of these writers, they've got the brain of a 10 year old! AND they DON'T know ANYTHING about metal! Is it that hard to hear the insane amount of difference between us? Hooded is a crushing DEATH/DOOM band, Acid Witch is more of a psychedelic 70s/early 80s rock band with death metal vocals. Whats not to get? You got it! The fans know whats up, they are ALL that really matters and we make the music for them. So... Even tho we DO get "scored" very well in our reviews, they still suck in my opinion. Sorry for the rant, haha.

9.Already people are wondering about the next Acid Witch release.Any news on when that will happen ?No news on the full length yet, there WILL however be an unheard song and "worship the worm" on the 7" on DOOMENTIA! Which will be done VERY soon.

10.You are busy with other projects as well,tell us a bit about those ?Well, Horrific combines A LOT of different shit ranging from Motorhead/Venom and Demon to Grim Reaper and Dio, haha. Its just a crazy mix of punk, thrash, doom, and all sorts of metal and rock. I think A LOT of Acid Witch fans will really dig this band, this stuff is VERY hard to label to. And of corse my Horror soundtrack shit. Which is moving pretty slow nowadays.

11.You sound like you love Horror movies,what is your favorite genre of horror.Slasher flicks,cheesy horror films ?

Slasher movies are FOR SURE my favorite! But the whole Heavy Metal Horror genre is a CLOSE second! I fucking LOVE movies like Black Roses, Rock n roll nightmare, and Trick or treat! I'm not to big of fan of "Classic Horror". A lot of those super old movies don't have any gore, they were REALLY censored, once the 70s and 80s came along film makers could go nuts and do whatever they wanted, that's what i am into.

12. IF you weren't doing this kind of music,can you imagine yourself writing any other style of music ?

Nope. I would want to start just a hard rock band someday tho. With singing instead of growls, that would be awesome. I write music im into, my bands combine everything I like music wise/movie/comic/ and art wise. 13.Here is your chance to say whatever is on your mind right at the moment,go for it.........Thanks for the interview! Everybody check out HORRIFIC-
And be on the look out for some new Acid Witch shit. Take care.

Editors Note - You will see a lot of upper case letters on this but anyone who knows Slasher Dave will tell you he does a lot of shouting about things he loves !
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