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Mar 25, 2012

Fire Faithful – Please Accept This Invocation ...

Formerly known as Southern Vein - now known as Fire Faithful, this is a group of musicians that have delivered an album unlike anything that I was expecting, well almost anything. I must admit that I was expecting something far more sludgy, doomy and sabbathian that what I hear on 'Please Accept This Invocation.' It is not that this isn't a heavy album but it is far more traditional southern rock and metal than I thought it would be and that took some getting used to. But let's get back to the facts, Fire Faithful are now very much a whisky-soaked southern metal/rock band in the finest of southern traditions but this is no Black Oak Arkansas, this is more your Beaten Back To Pure having a run-in with Alabama Thunderpussy while Jim Dandy shouts obscenities from the sidelines. Looking at the artwork suggests an album with an emphasis on the occult and the heavy use of drugs but musically, it is a very different kettle of rock.

Some of this is very old-school dirty metal; the one-two punch of the album opening title track and 'Dollar Bottomed Out' kick things off with gutsy southern metal swagger and groove. What is vital to the sound of these two tracks and a few others is the mood they create. The vocals range from a grumpy croon to a Phil Anselmo kind of aggression while musically, they keep it flowing with a lot of loud/quiet/slow to mid-tempo changes. It is not till you get to the third track that you get what I was expecting to hear more of which is doomy, stoner-metal meets a southern bluesy hybrid. While it is not as heavy as the albums opening tunes, this is a killer tune and certainly one of the most memorable this album has to offer. The next track 'Disgust is a Must' signals a directional change for the album, even though it is a minor one. This track is a little ponderous and jammy with a catchy but generic chorus. While it is not a bad track at all, it does disrupt the flow of the album for yours truly.

'Enter the Monster' takes the album back to the vibe of the earlier tracks. There is great guitar work but still something seems to be a piece missing from the puzzle. I know the vocal arrangement isn't exactly riveting but I don't think that is essentially what is at fault here but there is something not grabbing me at this point in the album the way it should be. Thankfully after those 13 to 14 minutes of less than stimulating rock, the album bounces back in a big way with a track called 'Flamingo' and once again the band is firing on all cylinders. The songwriting is once again concise and musically, everything is dynamic and grooving once more. Then the album gets even better still with 'Wonton Lavey' (great title!) and the southern metal swagger is raging at full force. The album then ends on the very metallic 'Alone With a Stranger' which sounds different to anything else on the CD. It is a great way to finish off the release and it is a track that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

While it has to be said that this album seems patchy, especially in the middle part of the disc; overall it is still more than pleasing enough. This is a band that seem to be always progressing and trying to find their sound and style but who knows if they have found it yet. They are just as likely to change once again for the next album but I guess will have to wait and see what happens when the time comes. This album produced by Vince Burke has got a great meaty sound but I would like to see them stick to the heavier, more aggressive side in the future as there is no doubt that when the band is really firing, they produced some kick-ass memorable music but that is my personal tastes talking again. Check out this album and see if my opinions make any sense; it is well worth the effort.....7.5/10.

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