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Jun 28, 2012

Lovecraft's Doom - Interview with Innzmouth ...

The last thing that you expect nowadays is this kind of collaboration, here we have a funeral project with two members – from Syria and USA. If you watch TV you know how strange it sounds but there’re still ideals in this world which make people all over the globe united – it’s doom (funeral doom in this situation) and Ancient Ones of Lovecraft. Innzmouth gave a birth to their first full-length album not so long ago – go and check “Lovecraft’s Dream” if you dare. Here come two travelers from Innzmouth, their names are Daemon and Reverend John Hex, they bring a Word of Peace, of Doom and Cthulhu.

Ctulhu ftangh gentlemen! What is a current situation in your unholy sect?

Innzmouth : Ia Ia ! The situation is as always dark, gloomy and Lovecraftian to the core.

I guess that it’s a good sign in your situation… I can’t avoid that trivial question but you know that behind this loud and evil band’s name are two persons one of which from Syria and another one – from USA. What kind of dark forces did bring you together?

Daemon : Well, I was looking for a guitarist to record some of my songs when I found my partner John . I told him about Innzmouth and it turned out that he was a huge fan of Lovecraft so we began to exchange ideas . We discovered that we share a similar style of composing and that led to the release of our debut album “Lovecraft’s Dreams”

Daemon plays in few black metal act as Reverend John Hex has his black metal / funeral project too. Can you both tell us more about your musical background?

Daemon : Well, I don't think that you can call it a background because I'm not a professional musician and I'm not planning to become one. Music to me has always been a way to express myself . I had many different bands/projects because at the time that I founded these projects I was mostly inexperienced and because of that, the biggest part of my music was immature, so at best, these projects were more like tools that I had used to craft my musical ability.
Reverend John Hex: I have been an underground horror musician for alittle over 13yrs now, ranging from playing Deathrock/Horror Rock-n-Roll/Black Metal/Horror Sountrack/and now Funeral Doom, seemed like a natural path to follow musically, as horror ties in with my passion for music. Obviously I am not in it for money, or I would have stopped creating music a long time ago, or become some sorta hipster sellout and play something trendy. I am a unconvential person that doesn't follow the formula of genres.

Demon, you had a lot of different black metal solo-projects, why did you finish all of them the end?

Daemon : Because they were more like an experimental projects that I had used to develop my musical knowledge and I finished them because their job was done.

Men, you’re both from countries which could inspire stronger than any Lovecraftian fable tales could! Daemon, do any of your other bands have conception which is attached to your land’s historical or cultural legacy?

Daemon: Inspiration has an unpredicted nature and it's personal. I don't believe that you can divide it into "levels" and say that "X" could be more inspiring that "Y". We come from different places, different societies and we have different fears, fantasies and complexes and this heavily affects the case of inspiration.
Of course that doesn't mean that I'm not interested in my land as a whole, but what interests me the most are the current issues/troubles that we're facing as a growing society and as a developing country.

And John, what’s about you? Why did you choose Lovecraft as your central source of inspiration when you have a lot of real nightmare creatures in your land? Gluttony demon Ronald McDonald, that Dick with a gun and… damn… sometimes I forget that it’s American site – sorry!

Reverend John Hex: I live in New England which is the stomping grounds of H.P. Lovecraft, living near graveyards he visited, and living near the coast where he was inspired to write the tale Shadows over Innsmouth, so the inspiration is strong in these blood soaked lands, and I ask who better to create music about Lovecraft? Beats the shit outta some band from Cleveland, or Soviet Russia to write about it dont you think? I suppose if I lived near a Ronald McDonald house we would be doing an interview about that stagnant tales of the dollar menu, but luckily we are not, and I prefer the term Cocks with Bullets than that Dick with a gun, ha ha.

 I bet that bands from Soviet Russia could write the stuff about Cthulhu defeated by submarines and bears-kamikaze. You tell the stories of Ancient Ones as in canonical writings of H.P., don’t you want to expand this mythology with your one ideas?

Daemon: We actually did that in our song “The Voyage”.

Innzmouth début album “Lovecraft’s Dream” was released onto small Russian label Satanrsa records. How did you find these guys?

Daemon : It was intended to be released by another label called "Razorback Records" but things didn't work out well So we began to ask various labels, Satanarsa was one of these labels.

What’s about albums promotion? Does label help you with it or do you promote it only by yourself?

Daemon: Yes it does help us with the promotion, but even if it doesn’t I don’t care because I’m not looking to shove my music down people’s throats. If someone is interested in listening to some Lovecraftian Funeral Doom then he’ll search for us.

The album starts with nearly insane yet brief intro “Esoteric Order of Dragon”, I guess that it reflects all conception of the album, don’t you think to continue your work in such avangarde doom vein or funeral (or slow death doom) is best incarnation of Lovecraftian lullubies?

Daemon: That was composed by John. I think that our music doesn’t fit entirely under one particular subgenre because it has different elements attached to it. I believe that we will follow the same style that we had developed in our album “Lovecraft’s Dreams” because we both felt that it represented the feeling of “Cosmic Horror” that the both of us are fascinated by.

Tell us please about a process of creation of “Lovecraft’s Dream” – how long did you work with that compositions? And do you feel that you have finally completely fulfilled dreams of Lovecraft in your music?

Daemon : It took us about 4 months to be fully composed and recorded. You can say that "Lovecraft's Dreams" is only a chapter in our tale of Lovecraftian horror, but nobody knows when there will be another one.

Don’t you see composing of such album as a challenge? Funeral doom is one of more or less restricted genre, stories of Lovecraft are on of most famous source of inspiration in underground…

Reverend John Hex: Any album I work on is challenging in its own way, I put a lot of thought into my guitar work, and hope the listener will be influenced by it. Funeral Doom is a special genre ranging from its cosmic vastness to its wondrous abyss, there are no limits to where you can go, and the atmosphere’s you can create. To me the music itself is the source of inspiration, as the music is always created first and then the lyrics fall into place to complete the song. While I cannot speak for the whole underground, I would agree with you Lovecraft is a famous source of inspiration, as it is very apparent with Innzmouth, I am just happy to be doing my part musically and help push horror forward however I can.

What elements do distinguish Innzmouth from other doom bands worshiping Lovecraftian Old Ones?

Reverend John Hex:  You have Daemon from Syria, and me from the USA, thats an interesting combination there in itself. Two different unique styles blending a tapestry of darkness together to bring you these literary tales of the Old Ones. You could consider us an international Lovecraft funeral doom band, I would say that makes us pretty unique, and stand out from the rest.

Daemon please tell us about underground scene in Syria – do you have some kind of community there? Does your music have listeners in your country?

Daemon: There are some bands out there trying to do their best, but to be honest I don’t really care about the scene or whatever and yes, my music have listeners in my land.

Do you plan to continue work with Innzmouth in a future?

Daemon : It's not like a duty or an obligatory task. Music is an act of expressing and such thing should be done in a spontaneous manner so it's not like I push a button in my forehead and the compositions come out because we also have our personal lives, our everyday problems, my Law studies (In my case) and work (in the case of john) so we will create more music when we feel like we have new ideas to produce and new visions to transfer.

Men, I don’t know how about you but I catch myself that I think too much about that shit – our “civilized” world is slowly plunging straight to cesspool. Do we have time and right to sing and listen songs about imaginary horrors when some of them are already here. Death from “tentacled horror” or death from “fighter for freedom”… result is the same.

Daemon : You like to tease people, don't you ? Makes you feel that you're deeper than us and that we are some shallow cunts that don't know anything about the world.
I have a default position about the problems of this world because I know my limits. I'm just another ordinary citizen. I lack the power and my voice doesn't matter, more like a pawn in a chess game and I bet that your position isn’t better than mine so let’s forget about that old utopian thinking and face the reality.
Reverend John Hex: (puts on sunglasses) Each generation of humanity has always been vain thinking they were the last, but as you can clearly see life goes on. Do we have time and right to create songs of horror? Fuck yes we do. Death wears many masks and I believe people would rather listen and be entertained by our imagery of horror than fighter for freedom, or tentacled horror....well Tentacled Horror does sound pretty cool ha ha. So if our civilized world does get flushed away into the cesspool, I humbly ask that you buy our album Lovecraft's Dreams from Satanrsa and let it be the soundtrack to your own personal doom.

First of all I don’t aim to tease anyone, for I just want to make this interview a bit far from standard one if you please. Second – I don’t see you as shallow cunts. At least three of us here have dicks, and I see no reason to measure which one is bigger. Most of bands tell that they’re out of policy and this world-wide shit, but I hate to see that hypocrisy when one country brings fucking democracy to another with carpet-bombing or bans of trade. So I’m glad that two guys from two different countries do some common dirty job. Daemon, if you do not mind tell me how do you see a situation with Syria from inside?

Daemon : Even if you are teasing, it doesn't matter because I'm used to deal with such things. Haha, funny about the dick thing (Although I believe that it's kinda primitive because we as modern human beings should get ahead of the subconscious fear of who might have a bigger dick)
I think that you need to distinguish between governments' policies and citizens because we as people aren't very much different. Despite what each country views on each other are, John and I are people looking past political issues of each country, and defying the odds to create something that inspires the both of us during these turbulent times. I have always stood against the foreign policies of the big five countries because they care about nothing but their own power and their need to expand or control or manipulate other countries for the sake of their greed and wealth. They don't care about democracy and bloodshed isn't an important issue to them as long as their interests are not being threatened. They aren't really different from your standard street-thug who will stab you if you don't hand him your wallet. Their double-standard policy is crystal clear in cases like Palestine. Sure they love to sell illusions about freedom and democracy every now and then, but like once George Carlin said "They call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it"
It would be a pretty long story if I decided to talk about the current situation in Syria so I'll pass.

At least it’s something that I wanted to hear – a point of view of citizen. Okay, thank you guys for the interview. Have you few more words of doom and darkness for our readers?

Daemon : Thanks for this interview.

Interview By Aleks

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